Utilizing The Power of News Content In Your Blogging

Making Use Of Recent Events To Boost Your Blog

Improvements in technology continue to affect bloggers. Bloggers can barely remain competitive in performance with Twitter. The way that any news item impacts your niche market is the point of view you're looking for. When done correctly, posting about a hot news story can boost your targeted readership significantly. Brand new technologies let you find breaking stories effortlessly.

Your goal is to get a page 1 listing on Google for your news item. If you're thinking you cannot contend with the large news sites, you are basically accurate. Adding 'update" or a comparable prefix to your title keyword phrases can sometimes give you a good edge. Sometimes Google lists these updates in a different category on page 1, and includes normal blogs. With practice you will get better at figuring out what works best for this method.

To get caught up with breaking news you should use a variety of technologies. TV news can occasionally provide good leads, especially all news channels. Yet you do need to move swiftly and get your story in your blog as fast as possible. This method solely works with live, breaking news. Twitter is a wonderful way to keep current on news stories as they are taking place. Throughout the world, users "tweet" about major events that are occurring in their countries.

We do not recommend using Google Alerts with this strategy because it is too slow. You don't want to be getting "alerts" about some other people's blog posts because that means they have beat you to it. It all depends on your niche, therefore you will have to evaluate the type of news trends relevant for your blog. For stories which have a longer life, Google trends is a great resource. As an example, you can blog about a news item that you know your market would like to hear and still receive effortless search engine rankings for the blog post.

Whenever your blog post is up you can send a Tweet to let your readers know to read it. Once again, it all depends on the topic, but as you may know Google will certainly post your Tweets on the first page of their search engine results. There's nothing certain with Google however it is sure really worth a shot. Mixing the power of Twitter and recent blog entries will increase the popularity of your blog.

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